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As for Bristlr, Kershaw says it’s doing well, with a user base in the low five-figures.This is a level at which niche dating apps tend to settle, he says.“You need a human element when working with brands,” he says.Still, the platform they have means the process can be fast.A U-Pb-He double-dating method is applied to detrital zircons with core-rim structure from the Ganges River in order to determine average short- and long-term exhumation rates for the Himalayas.

Kershaw says M14 Industries is cashflow positive but is in the process of closing its second small funding round this year.M14 Industries, the Manchester-based platform for dating apps, has acquired Double, a ‘Tinder for double dates’ based in London.M14, one of last year’s Tech North Northern Stars winners, has bought the app and its data although Double’s founders will not be coming along with the deal.The parcels could be carried upwards by the thrust faults that steepen as they near the surface, or by transient movement faults so that areas of rapid exhumation became areas of slow exhumation and visa versa on a time scale of a few Myr in order to maintain the continuous exhumation.In this regard, the Ganges River must be preferentially sampling areas that are currently undergoing above average rates of uplift.

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