Fran drescher dating

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The two talked for the duration of the flight, and Drescher managed to secure a development meeting with the exec upon her return to Los Angeles.While in Europe, Drescher visited legendary model and "Princesses" co-star, Twiggy Lawson.In 1986, Drescher and her husband encountered misfortune when they became the target of a violent attack.

After graduating in 1975, the inseparable Drescher and Jacobson started school at Queens College, but quickly dropped out.Drescher began work on other projects, but hit a bump in the road when she was diagnosed with Stage 1 uterine cancer.After undergoing a radical hysterectomy, she wrote about her experiences with misdiagnosis, surgery and survival in her 2002 book, .The sitcom drew from much of Drescher's personal life.The actress kept the same names for her "on-air" parents (Mort and Silvia), as well as her character's Queens upbringing.

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