Guitar dating match

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Moreover, by 1902, Knutsen had abandoned this model, experimenting with his very inconsistent Evolving Symphony harp guitars for the next few years.

Both Knutsen and Dyer are thus using the "Symphony" name.

I am certain that there were different serial number series for the harp guitars, harp mandolins, mandolas and mandocellos - in three or four separate sequences, not one.

The exact years of the specific numbers are still fuzzy, and my harp guitar dates are just alternate theories.

For many long periods, hardly a month went by in which they were not featuring one of their "harp" instruments in one and usually both of these two important periodicals.

These ads - of which we have had access to only a scant random few until now - have long been referenced by Bob in his Larson Brothers books, and are invaluable in piecing together the history of the world's most popular harp guitar of all time.

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