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Most common one, and definitely close related to the E-Navigation concept, is option B the so called Dual Configuration OR “Paperless Navigation” solution.In order to achieve some of E-Navigation characteristics, like Harmonization – Integration or Presentation, technical standards for ECDIS, as well as other hardware on board and Electronics Charts were set and still under revision or development.Short listed but not limited we just refer here, the Standards for ECDIS HW & SW, like general IMO resolutions, IEC technical standards, and latest updates like IEC61174, ed4 (as of 31/8/2017) With regards to Standards for ENCs Electronic Charts: S-52 ed4.0 (the latest one coming in force by 31/8/2017, S-57 and S-63 v1.1 The ECDIS system, as per definition is an Electronic Chart Display and Information System of the vessel.Based on this, not only its terminology, but actually based on its operation, as it collects, integrates and presents various real-time information for the user; it is the so called core of the “E-Navigation”.Transas performs the conversion to SENC before sending the data to the vessel.This allows us to test and validate the data as well as relieve the onboard personnel from the time consuming conversion to SENC.Some ENC charts include objects which display depends on the current date.

TADS is available to Transas ECDIS users and users of other ECDIS systems.OFFICIAL Electronic Charts – ENCs Training is related to Human Element.And to our opinion, even if not considered as such, is probably the most important and crucial factor for the operation of the vessels, running all those new Electronic Equipment and Digital Services and thus the further implementation of e-Navigation. “GENERIC” Support, is also related to Human Element, and definitely absolutely necessary for the proper implementation and use of ECDIS and digital products.These objects are not normally displayed beyond their effective dates.The software patch for fixing the “Time-dependent objects (TDO)” problem in Transas MFD 4000 ECDIS and Transas Navi-Sailor 3000 ECDIS-I is available to all Transas ECDIS users.

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