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Today I’m going to focus on the largely ignored sexual predator, those that prey on adults either in person or via the internet.With their words at least, but you must look very closely at their actions. Remember, that is how one builds trust: Words Supporting Action Reliability over Time = TRUST.She claims that Danny is verbally and physically abusive, tries to control her, isolates her from friends and family and monitors her every move.She says even a court order of protection didn’t stop Danny from stalking her at her job, causing her to be fired, and after apologies and promises to change, she took him back. These are very sick people who need serious help, and although I can empathize with damaged people overall, being emotionally damaged myself, when those issues hurt other people, especially but not limited to children and animals (the innocent), my empathy falls short. They will undoubtably be extremely charming and seem very sweet and gentle at the start, perhaps even throughout the relationship. I’ve bolded the signs that I’ve personally experienced with more than one predator.

A woman who lives with the grief of having struck and killed a boy with her car years ago now fears something bad will happen to her son; she faces the victim's parents for the first time since the funeral; how to help a grieving loved one.A couple's 2-year-old adopted daughter is ripped from their arms when her birth father is granted custody pursuant to the Indian Child Welfare Act; Troy Dunn ("The Locator") helps Dr. Brad Thill and his ex-wife, Leslie Tiesler, made headlines when they were accused of the abuse and starvation of three of their five children; Noah Blake, son of troubled actor Robert Blake, sets the record straight about his family's estrangement.A former meteorologist says he has become a laughingstock since he was drugged by two women and duped out of thousands of dollars; a guest's online sex chat with a married weatherman caused him to lose his job.Amanda is unsure whether or not to leave her husband, who was caught in an online sex sting and sentenced to prison; Seri is considering letting her ex-boyfriend back into her life after she says he made her a prostitute and kept all the money.Guests say the residential treatment centers they entered as troubled teens did them more harm than good; a woman says her mother was aware of abuse and did nothing to stop it; siblings felt trapped and tortured.

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